Bioaerosols Blog

Insights into keeping your healthcare facility workplace free from bioaerosol contamination.

By Leonard Schultz, M.D.
Founder & CEO
Nascent Surgical

In the follow blog posts Dr. Schultz discusses the topic of surgical smoke and bioaerosols in the operating room and the goal of returning clean, non-contaminated air to our daily environment. As a retired general surgeon with a 25 year interest in the capture and removal of bioaerosols during laser and laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Schultz shares his insights in this problem with the hope to form a world-wide advocacy that will finally rid our operating rooms of surgical plume and other noxious aerosols.


The Nurse, the Surgeon and now, the Healthcare Executive

August 6, 2015

For the past few months we have focused our comments on data to support education of clinicians who have been reluctant to accept, let alone advocate for, smoke evacuation technology in their operating rooms. As a result of our literature reviews and original research, sponsored by Nascent Surgical, LLC at world class…

This is Serious Stuff

July 29, 2015

The other day my accountant came by to “do the books” and left a sheath of papers on my desk held together by a big metallic clip at the top. “Here are the results of my internet search for ‘clean air’ articles. You should look them over.” Naturally, since my CPA is…

It’s All a Question of Integrity

July 15, 2015

It’s a Saturday morning. I just finished my second cup of strong coffee and my reading of an “Opinion” article in the Wall Street Journal describing “…Dr. Stossel, a hematologist and medical researcher…who is reawakening the conflict of interest argument.” During my surgical residency, my own research was supported by private companies…

You Call This an Improvement?

June 30, 2015

My team and I were sitting around our small conference table (actually my former dining room table) in our 10’ x 10’ conference room trying to understand the slow pace of domestic sales versus the much more frenetic pace of overseas sales. Ponder as we might, we could not understand why our…

Join the Movement to Protect Your Health and Your Patients’

June 11, 2015

Hi folks, No doubt you have missed my ramblings these past few weeks but my focus has shifted to sales efforts that emphasized the education of clinicians regarding the current arguments for why they should prioritize smoke removal from the operating room. No surprises there! As I presented my power point slides…

miniSQUAIR Benefits to Healthcare are Based on True Value

April 22, 2015

We are a start-up company that sells a single product. It is called, “miniSquair®” and its purpose is to capture plume generated during open surgical procedures. It does this very well with a documented 99.5% efficiency assuming that the smoke evacuator to which it is attached can generate a minimum of 25…

What’s New? Looking for Innovation in Medical Device Industry

April 1, 2015

We recently completed the yearly pilgrimage to AORN EXPO held in Denver. The weather was fantastic, the venue perfect thanks to AORN planning and the participants were engaged. The meeting had all the elements for success except that I didn’t see much innovation as I traversed the aisles of exhibits. Where were…

The Conundrum of Value-Based Healthcare

March 10, 2015

It is no secret that the federal government has increasingly been shifting risk associated with patient care to the hospitals through reduced reimbursements should surgical complications occur. These bureaucrats do not understand that such post-operative complications are most often inherent and not the result of clinical incompetence or technical errors. For example,…

Getting Real about Surgical Smoke – The Reality and Responsibility

March 5, 2015

So far, we have reviewed the harmful components of surgical smoke, the fact that chronic inhalation can cause systemic diseases and that federal and professional guidelines have not been sufficient to initiate universal protection for the perioperative team. Let’s examine this dissociation between reality and responsibility. As stated, it is the chronic…

Sweating the Small Stuff – The Problem of Nanoparticles

February 26, 2015

To date, I have detailed my personal evolution from a surgeon who could not endure inhaling the smoke that resulted from my practice to one dedicated to resolving the problem for myself and others. I hope that as you have read these blogs, you have become energized to pursue your own solutions…