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For Surgical Procedures Requiring
Tighter Spaces or Greater Mobility

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Captures & Removes
Bioaerosols & Nanoparticles*
within the Surgical Plume

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miniSQUAIR® Surgical Smoke, Nanoparticle and Viral Aerosol Capture Device

From Nascent Surgical comes the only surgical smoke capture device proven to remove 99.5% of the nanoparticles and bioaerosols present at the incision site during open surgery.* Our goal is to produce innovative disruptive technologies for use in the surgical facility that protect both the patients and the teams that care for them, while improving the cost efficiency of such care.

*University of Minnesota Department of Mechanical Engineering Particle Calibration Laboratory. Bernard Olson, Ph.D., Manager. Dtd. Nov. 21 and 30, 2011

Proven Most Effective for Capturing Surgical Smoke

Surgical Smoke Seminar

Surgical Smoke Seminar

Learn why you should care about surgical smoke in the O.R. – view the seminar video presentation from Leonard Schultz, M.D.

miniSQUAIR Surgical Smoke Capture Device

Product Guides

View videos and step by step instructions on the use of the miniSQUAIR®.