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For Surgical Procedures Requiring
Tighter Spaces or Greater Mobility

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Captures & Removes
Bioaerosols & Nanoparticles*
within the Surgical Plume

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miniSQUAIR® Surgical Smoke, Nanoparticle and Viral Aerosol Capture Device

miniSQUAIR® has been proven to effectively capture surgical smoke and other airborne transmitted bioaerosols offering enhanced protection to the perioperative team and those treating patients with infectious respiratory illnesses.

*University of Minnesota Department of Mechanical Engineering Particle Calibration Laboratory. Bernard Olson, Ph.D., Manager. Dtd. Nov. 21 and 30, 2011

Proven Most Effective for Capturing Surgical Smoke

Surgical Smoke & Bioaerosol Capture

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Surgical Smoke Seminar

Surgical Smoke Seminar

Learn why you should care about surgical smoke in the O.R. – view the seminar video presentation from Leonard Schultz, M.D.

miniSQUAIR Surgical Smoke Capture Device

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