Instructions For Use

View the video below on how the miniSQUAIR™ is applied.

Setting up the miniSQUAIR® is  easy and quick.  It can be applied to the skin and surgical drapes and also adheres to any body contour. The miniSQUAIR® is almost unnoticeable after surgical drape is applied.

Prep the patient as per your routine and mark the line of incision.

Remove the miniSQUAIR® from its Package

 Remove the Adhesive Backing

Attach the miniSQUAIR® Adjacent to the Incision Line

Hand Off the Attached Tubing to the Circulating Nurse

Attach Tubing to the Suction Device
(using the supplied adapter if needed)

Square Off The Incision and Plenum with Surgical Drapes

Adjust the Power Setting on the Suction Device
and Proceed with the Surgery