Isolation Tent with Re-sealable Access Ports

Provides Protection of Operative Staff during Intubation and Extubation by Anesthesia

Protection is achieved by isolating the patient and their exhaled aerosol within an oxygen-mist “tent” and removing it using our proprietary miniSQUAIR® aerosol capture device. Access ports on the back of the isolation tent provide access to the patient during intubation and extubation procedures.

miniSQUAIR® has Proven Effectiveness

  • Capable of a 98-99.5% aerosol capture efficiency.1
  • Capable of 100% capture of airborne transmitted bioaerosols.2
  • Can significantly (p< 0.05) reduce particulates around open surgical wounds.3
  • Can reduce the rate of post-operative infections.4

Ordering Information

Description: Isoation Tent with Access Ports
Part Number: SQNS 40009-01

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