Aerosol Capture Kit: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the “kit” components approved for hospital use?
  • How does the “tent” become an isolation chamber?
    Construction for patient use is complete by attaching the back wall with the snaps and by folding down the flap in the front of the tent. A sheet or blanket covers the bottom of the flap.
  • Where should the 2′ of corrugated tubing be inserted and for what purpose?
    Insert one end of the tubing through the opening in the top panel. It is used to instill oxygen, air and/or mist or any combination of the three into the tent. Remember to apply the T-piece connector to the end of the tubing within the tent to divert the inflow away from the patient’s face.
  • What kind of suction should be used with the miniSQUAIR® tubing?
    Use a standard smoke evacuator with the attached ULPA filter or connect the tubing to a central vacuum system. Do not use wall suction since the developed air flow will not be enough to efficiently capture the infectious aerosol.
  • Can the tent also be used to capture aerosols when the patient is in the O.R. as well as the PAR or ICU?
    Yes. But in such cases, refer to the “Tent with re-sealable access ports” which allows for intubation/extubation of the patient while controlling the aerosol within a confined space.
  • What if I have questions about set-up and/or use of the “kit” components?
    Contact Nascent Surgical directly or your service representative. The Nascent Surgical home office can be reached at 952-345-1112 or by e-mail at Dr. Schultz can be reached at 612-709-9526.