Is the Price Too High?

  • Is the price too high for effective protection of the health of your surgical team?
  • Is the price too high to prevent post-operative infections in your surgical patients?
  • Is the price too high to minimize employee workman compensation claims against your healthcare system?

If you, as a healthcare executive answered, “No” to all of the above, then you are rightfully concerned with the reasons behind the on-going state-based mandates for bioaerosol capture in your surgical facilities.

By saying, “No” you realize the benefits that effective technology offers as the solution to these issues; technology offered by Nascent Surgical’s unique smoke capture device called, “miniSQUAIR®.” While today’s inflation rate and supply chain delays cause price increases in less effective electrosurgical “pencils,” Nascent Surgical has, and will continue to maintain stable pricing for its product line because it is American made without imported materials so that delivery to our customers arrives when ordered.

Further, its adaptability for use with our patient isolation system has expanded its use to control of aerosols emitted by patients infected with Covid variants whether they are in I.C.U. or O.R. areas.

Why are all these advantages possible? The answer is related to:

  1. Judicious management of inventory and subcontractor efforts.
  2. Bioaerosol capture at 98-99% efficiency, when used per our I.F.U., exceeds the ISO 16571:2014 standard of a “minimum of 90% smoke capture efficiency” in surgical facilities.
  3. 100% capture of airborne transmitted bioaerosols as well as noxious gases capable of mutagenic and carcinogenic effects.
  4. Clinical studies that show significantly reduced contaminants in ambient air in open surgical cases vs. the “pencil” with associated lower post-operative infection rates that have exceeded 30%.

All of these benefits of Nascent Surgical’s technology translate into potential savings for healthcare systems. So…is the price too high per unit of miniSQUAIR® vs. that of the “pencil?”

You decide!