More than Compliance is Needed – Open Letter to our Healthcare Colleagues -
April 6, 2022

State based mandates for smoke evacuation have arrived and will continue to expand thanks to the protean efforts of the…
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State-Based Mandates for Smoke Evacuation have Begun -
January 17, 2022

What capture technology will offer clinicians, their patients and healthcare administrators the greatest benefits?
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New Article Published – Focused on Capturing Aerosols during Nasal Surgery -
August 19, 2020

A 3rd party paper by head and neck surgeon Dr. Jonathan Y. Ting at Indiana University who used the miniSQUAIR…
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Nascent Surgical Initiates Development of Prototype Iterations of miniSQUAIR -
June 30, 2020

To allow use of its technology in all surgical specialties.
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Nascent Surgical Launches System for COVID-19 Viral Patient Isolation -
May 15, 2020

Aerosol collection and removal better protects the healthcare worker,
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miniSquair Significantly Better than ESU “Pencil” at Reducing Ambient Open Wound Particle Counts -
May 4, 2020

Nascent Surgical’s aerosol capture device, miniSQUAIR® found to be significantly better than the ESU “pencil” at reducing ambient open wound…
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Nascent Surgical Successfully Completes FDA Audit -
August 15, 2019

Nascent Surgical successfully completes its FDA audit.
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Nascent Initiates Clinical Trials with International Distributor -
August 1, 2019

The Company initiates clinical trials with an international distributor to complement one already selling product in the Nordic Countries.
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Increased Sales to Twin Cities Hospitals -
July 15, 2019

Sales to Twin Cities hospitals of the miniSQUAIR continue to increase, notably to two new hospital systems.
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Nascent Surgical Initiates Sale of T-piece Adapter -
July 8, 2019

The Company initiates sale of its T-piece adapter called, “The Schultzie,” which allows two (2) surgeons, operating simultaneously with two…
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