State-Based Mandates for Smoke Evacuation have Begun

More Mandates will Follow

In the wake of this forced compliance, what capture technology will offer clinicians, their patients and healthcare administrators the greatest benefits; electrosurgical “pencils” or the miniSQUAIR® alternative constructed with a wide area for smoke capture of reticulated open cell foam with low resistance to air flow?

A 6-year experience with the miniSQUAIR® has indicated no interference with the surgeon’s vision, even when a microscope is used and no need to have the surgeon hold the device.

Third party documentation has also indicated that the miniSQUAIR® has:

  1. 98-99% smoke (nanoparticle) capture which protects the “team” from serious systemic illnesses after years of chronic inhalation and the administration from potential workman compensation claims.
  2. 100% capture of airborne transmitted bioaerosols that contaminate open surgical wounds that predispose to infections.
  3. Reduced post-operative infection rates(>30%) as seen in a single-surgeon study comparing two large posterior lumbo-sacral fusion groups over a four year period using standard protocols with and without the miniSQUAIR®.
  4. MiniSQUAIR® found to be significantly better (p<0.05) than the “pencil” at reducing ambient air contaminants in open surgical cases and aerosol capture when mechanical tools were used for nasal procedures.

Please contact Ms. Jean Reavis or Leonard Schultz, M.D. at Nascent Surgical, LLC of Eden Prairie, Mn. at 952-345-1112  or for additional information about our bioaerosol capture device.

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