New Article Published – Focused on Capturing Aerosols during Nasal Surgery

A 3rd party paper by head and neck surgeon Dr. Jonathan Y. Ting at Indiana University who used the miniSQUAIR as well as rigid Frazier suction and ring suction to see which method did a better job of capturing aerosols produced when using surgical tools on nasal surgery. In all cases, the Stryker Neptune II unit was used as the suction source. The conclusion was, “All interventions with a suction device were effective in reducing aerosols, though the surgical smoke evacuation system was the most effective suction method in 2 out of 5 surgical conditions with statistical significance (P< 0.05).” Further, “Use of the surgical smoke evacuation system resulted in significantly decreased aerosol concentrations (P<0.001) in each particular size range.” The “surgical smoke evacuation system” used was the “miniSQUAIR®” made by Nascent Surgical, LLC.

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